Klacht Wereld Wonder: Onredelijke annuleringskosten

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De klacht

For searching a Kraamzorg, we have found this company (Wereld wonder) from the internet in March to get in touch with them.
an registration has been asked for getting further service information from the site, as we filled all the information in as all we know to the form, after this registration we started to wait for a official confirmation as per Email , Post or a certain call from this company, however nothing came over from them after 3 weeks.
Then we decided to look for a alternative as soon as we can, after a while we received positive answer by email and welcome phone call and post, certainly we made our choice with this one, and very soon our insurance company confirm with this one as well.
To be polite, we called Wereld wonder to remind if they may received our registration correctly, but we have been told "THE REGISTRATION IS THERE, BY CANCELLATION WILL COST EUR150 FOR ADMINISTRATION“ we shocked, what company is this, no service, no feedback, but only ask for Money.

De oplossing

They sent us an invoice anyway to push us to pay this amount which i found really no reason.
before this we sent two emails to ask a explanation for this administration cost for. only the first email has been replied.

An good explanation and excuses for their less service.
Of course cancel the invoice or a credit note.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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