Klacht Western Union: Western Union onduidelijk over geld overmaken mbt bedrag, naam

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De klacht

After speaking with a Western Union operator on the phone 15.09.17, and an attendance in the Western Union provider in Italy, we transferred 200E on 15.09 (only amount available that day) to then transfer 800E on 16.09 to have the max of 1000E in cash, as all our bank cards got stolen during our holiday.

Following WU advice, the Italian provider denied our transferred money 800E on 16.09, as system said the max was E999,99 so we transferred 0,01E too much to be granted our money. Whereas online it states E1000 and there is no information that this does not work in Italy.

With this new knowledge, we called WU again and are being badly advised once more to cancel the total amount as the attendant said 'yes I can cancel it for you now, and then you can transfer 799,99E so you can take this amount out instead'. Following this advice we cancelled and then the attendance said, 'oh no now you can't transfer more money as you are over your limit of 200 + 800E of 1000R'.

Then it was said, if you transfer money from a new Western Union account and from a new Bank account then you are able to transfer another limit of E1000. We did this and transferred E500. Following this we receive an error that the transfer didn't go through.

We called WU service number again - which is somehow never transferring directly to an attendee, but always need to press '0' several times to even speak to someone - then WU said the 'money sender name needs to be the same as the bank account name'. Once more, we were bad advised nor did an online pop up come up to state that the details are not corresponding.

Result being is that currently E800 + E500 + transfer costs are out with Western Union. It is said that it can take up to 7 working days for the transferred money to be back in my account.

Result being that we lost 1.5 days of holidays trying to deal with this and that we currently still do not have more than E200 cash for 10 days of holiday, whilst all of our cards have been stolen.

For a business that is based on transferring money easily around the world, the experience has been everything but easy.

Awaiting my money to be send back hopefully without any further issues in the next coming days.

De oplossing

In short, all of the above could have been prevented when employees and website state and follow the correct information how your businesses operates.

-online popup to Italy max amount is 999,99E (NOT E1000 as stated)
-shop attendee/Western Union representative to advice, please be aware that the max in Italy is 999,99E otherwise we are not able to pay out
-telephone service attendee to advice correctly, when cancelling the 800E this meant nothing is possible on the account any more due to max transfer 1000E
-telephone service attendee to advice correctly, when opening an account the sender/bank name needs to be the same
-online popup when transferring money sender/bank name are not the same it should cancel before sending

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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