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Dear winkelen en sparen,

Officially, I would like to present a serious complaint.

Since October 2017 Global Collect is deducting monthly money (15 euro) from my personal bank account with a reference of "wly winkelsparen".

Today I contacted "wly winkelsparen" two times, without any results:
- They didn't explain what kind of service they're providing;
- They didn't explain what kind of subscriptions they're providing;
- They didn't gave me any information about my personal subscription;
- They couldn't help me, because the subscription isn't on my personal name, while the money is deducted from my personal bank account;
- They accused my partner for using my bank account details, but can't proof he made any use of their services / subscription;

After getting extremely angry through the phone, the only thing they could do is close the account.

My questions:
- What kind of company is "wly winkelsparen"?
- What kind of company is "Global Collect"?
- How can "Global Collect" and "wly winkelsparen" deduct money from my personal account and not provide me any further information?
- Why "wly winkelsparen" can't provide me any information while money is deducted from my personal bank account?
- Why "wly winkelsparen" is misleading us?

- If there is any pop - up which can easily and accidentally be clicked on or (auto) filled in I would like to address clearly that it was not my, either my partners' intention. It would be nice to be more specific with any type of pop - up that it contains an official subscription which will include monthly costs.
- The staff working on the service desk could be more gentle to help, because there should ring a bell once money is deducted from a personal bank account which doesn't correspond with the name of the account holder.

- June 6th I have written a complaint to "Global Collect".
- June 6th I have written a complaint to "wly winkelsparen".
- June 8th I have an appointment with the Dutch police to discuss this matter.

Charissa Viviana Weeda

De oplossing


- I demand all the money which "Global Collect" either "wly winkelsparen" deducted from my account back. Since I haven't been using any services from "wly winkelsparen" and have never been willing to subscribe myself, neither my partner, it would be a polite way to enclose this situation. I'm working really hard to save my money for my future study, and won't allow anyone to come in between my future goals, just because of their business goals.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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  1. Auteur
    Unhappy Costumer
    Na het schrijven van een officiële klacht naar "Global Collect" en "wly winkelsparen" zijn alle bedragen binnen 10 dagen geretourneerd op mijn persoonlijke rekening. Het probleem is opgelost en ben tevreden over de afhandeling!

Uiteindelijke oplossing

Unhappy Costumer
Uiteindelijke oplossing
Het abonnement is stopgezet en het geld is geretourneerd. Dit is niet via klachtenkompas gegaan, maar via de officiële klachtenafdeling van het bedrijf en politie.

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