Klacht Woonsquare: the sofa is faulty and under warranty, but woonsquare refuses to fix the problem

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I have a complaint agains woonsquare that I want to be reviewed.
I have bought a sofa from them which was delivered on 18th of December 2015 in my apartment.After just a couple of months the soft seating cushions became faulty.
It actually started to sink in the middle and now there is a hole which causes people to just slide into the middle, which makes it very uncomfortable when I want to lay down and have some rest. It is not straight anymore and it looks like the cushion is sitting under an angle.This actually happened on both sides (the short and the long one).
I have already complained to woonsquare as the sofa is under warranty, but they refuse to fix it, saying this is normal. To me paying 1700e for a sofa that becomes defective in couple of months is far from normal and is not acceptable for they to deny my rights to have it fixed.
I have see on the site cbw-erkend.nl(where they are member) that I should complain here,so I am writing you now to review the complaint

De oplossing

Fix the cushions issue permanently, by changing them with ones with better quality, or changing the sofa with another model of my choosing, or giving me my money back, so I can buy another one. When I pay a lot of money for a product, I expect it to last. Or to last at least as long as the warranty and in this case this is not true. I am looking for a long term solution (at least 3 years), so I hope this is what is offered
I want this do be done as soon as possible, since because of it (as I said before) I started having beck and neck problems, and needed to start going to fysio for this, please offer me solution for the situation.
If possible I will attach also all the communication I have with them, so you can have them as a reference.

1 reactie

  1. Auteur
    Woonsquare did nothing to help out, and I didnt even got a response via this service. My next step is going for the "De Geschillencommissi" to get this resolved.
    I would never ever recommend them to any new prospect.
    They just try to get the money from you, but when things go wrong, they are always trying to say it is your fault. This is not how customers should be treated. They never stay behind their product and did not try to help me at all.

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