Klacht XS4ALL: Extensive damage and horrendous experience with xs4all

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Horrendous experience with xs4all and with their 'costumer service'. A team came to my apartment to install fiber glass (unfortunately I was not at home!) and the pictures speak volumes on how they left it. Here is a description:
Communal hallway: the white cover/case that hides the black pipe stops some 40 cm before the ceiling and for the rest the pipe is exposed. Entrance of our apartment: the installing team cut through the baseboard (plint), left the first 30 cm of black pipe exposed --without the white case. The top of the pipe is without case for some 50 cm. At half height of the casing a huge hole has been created and poorly covered with some hint of stucco. Corridor of my apartment: the pipe emerges some 8 cm from the wall, more than 40 cm of pipe are exposed without casing, the pipe is screwed on the baseboard and there is a huge hole 14 cm in width (!!!) without any attempt to cover it.
When I complained to the 'costumer service' of xs4all I was told that they don't have anything to do with installation and I should refer to some unknown (to me) company. That company in turn, sent me to another company since in Amsterdam the 'service' is further outsourced. Result: I flagged the situation on the 5th of June and after more than a month (today is the 12th of July) I have not even been able to get any reply from anyone concerning the damage.
In sum, I have already suffered extensive damage, wasted time and xs4all has already managed to antagonize a brand new client. I would not recommend this company to anyone!

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XS4all puts its act together, acknowledges its responsibilities and sends someone to fix the problem.
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I contacted xs4all on the 5th of June with this issue and, after much insistence from my side, it took them till the 18th of July to contact the installation service about the damage caused. As of today, 27th of July, there is no solution in sight and the xs4all customer service has consistently performed below my expectations. In fact, it seems that everything tends to be problematic with xs4all: I got messages stating that my internet subscription would start in 2035 (!) and, as flagged by many messages on klachtenkompas, after more than two months I ordered my internet package I still did not get the 'wifi versterker' that is included in my one year long contract. I just look forward to move to a different and hopefully decent company. Surely, I would be surprised if any of the cheaper alternatives can underperfom if compared to xs4all.
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2 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Dear Mr. Pellegrini,

    KPN has received your complaint and will contact you soon regarding the resolution of your complaint.

    Yours sincerely,

    KPN Klantenreacties CMT ( in name off XS4ALL)
  2. Auteur
    It is now the 17th of July, one month and a half since I contacted XS4ALL for the first time, and still there is no substantive response to my complaint.

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