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I am a client of Youfone. I have a one-year contract with them to provide internet to my house. I started this contract in June 2020 and everything went well till Thursday (20-08-202) which my internet connection went down and from that date I contacted them several times but they couldn’t solve the problem and didn’t give me a clear response. And they were not responsible for their work.
When I asked them to end my contract to enable me make a new contract with other providers, they asked me for paying the whole costs of the contract+ administration costs. When I asked them for a solution such as providing internet data on my phone till solving the problem, they refused to do that. And when I asked them for a technician from Youfone, they told me that I have to pay for that!!!
Please, may you help me to tackle this problem? I really need internet because my wife and I have to from home due to corona situation and we may lose our jobs because we cannot work these days properly.
This is now 11 days that we don't have internet connection.

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Immediately solve the internet connection and provide us unlimited internet data till the problem is solved
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Youfone is not responsible to solve my problem. The schedualed time for technician is for next Saturday. I need a faster solution. My internet is down from 20th of August!! DO something fast for me!!!
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