Klacht Youfone Nederland: Processed application when shouldn't have. Wouldn't cancel and charged for something never provided.

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I applied for an internet subscription with youfone through Breedbandwinkel (BBW), I was advised that I would have to supply a Dutch bank account for the application to proceed and take first payment (after that I could use another account, the details of which I had provided them). I was also advised if the application was processed I'd have a period in which i could cancel. I never supplied a dutch bank account (do not have one) and furthermore I sent an email to youfone requesting cancellation of my application anyway within the free cancellation timeframe. I admit I accidently replied to a no-reply email and didn't realise immediately. They sent me a modem which I returned immediately via post and assumed it was due to my initial application and must have been posted before my email cancellation. When the first payment came out of my account I was surprised and I contacted them immediately and said i did NOT want the service (I already had already organised it with another provider) and asked them to please cancel as I had requested. We found out here they never received my initial cancellation request (shouldn't have needed it anyway as I was told it wouldn't proceed without a Dutch account which i never provided). It was very obvious that I did NOT want the service: I had requested it cancelled, contacted immediately when a payment came out to cancel it, set up the service with someone else, and returned the modem immediately. I’ve made this clear in complaints yet they hide behind the fact my initial contact was with BBW and email was to a no-reply address and that after that time then I have to pay for a full year. They haven’t even provided a service and yet they still want to charge me! I never kept their modem (a fact they acknowledged) so I could not have used their service, furthermore KPN couldn’t set up an internet connection at my address, so even if I had the modem I couldn’t have used youfone’s internet service.
I’ve made this abundantly clear in several complaints to them yet they ignore this rationale and kept charging me monthly fee’s for a service they knew I wasn’t receiving and didn’t want! And when I blocked their payments trying to take my money they have sent a debt collector to contact me. I refuse to pay for something that: 1) should not have proceed past application as per the info I was given, 2) I did not want, 3) tried to cancel in the correct time frame, 4) they didn’t even supply.

De oplossing

I want them to stop trying to charge me a fee and stop sending a debt collector after me for it. How can they charge for something they never even supplied and clearly wasn't meant to be set up?!

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