Klacht Ziggo: Fake Advertising - Offered 3 FREE MONTHS + WiFi Extenders, Don't Want to Honor It

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De klacht

I have been Ziggo's customer for the past three years already and I have been happy with their service.

A few days ago I was offered a new speed (1 Gbps) and I went right away to their website to upgrade to it (I have always used the highest possible tier of internet plan offered by Ziggo, speed-wise). Their website didn’t have an upgrade procedure, but only a “new contract” option instead (12 months duration) with a discounted price (free period).

I reached out to Ziggo on Twitter and asked about the procedure to upgrade, since I had changed my speed before without needing a new modem or anything but a simple message there. This time, though, their employee told me I was supposed to use their website and that same screen where NEW customers contract their service.

I was a bit reluctant, because that would mean I’d go into a new 12 month period without cancelation but, since I wasn’t planning on cancelling and, because their site offered me 3 MONTHS FOR FREE PLUS A FREE WI-FI EXTENDER WITH 3 SPOTS on the 12 month contract if I got the landline for € 2.50 / month I went ahead and took the deal (I printed the page to a PDF file, which is attached to this complaint and proves all those elements are in their offer).

Now, I tried reaching out again on Twitter several times to ask for help making sure that I don’t pay for two contracts simultaneously and also to HONOR ALL ELEMENTS OF THEIR OWN OFFER, especially considering I was never sent the wi-fi extender that was promised in the deal (I am ok if they want to give the extra 4th free month option, I didn’t ask for it because there was no chat to talk to, as indicated by your their website as the means to ask for that alternative, which would mean a total of 4 FREE MONTHS ON A 12 MONTH CONTRACT without the wi-fi extenders).

Two days ago, also on Twitter, I was told to explain the situation on an email, since they’d be able to assist me and HONOR THEIR ADVERTISED OFFER, plus guide me through the procedures involved. I already have the new modem here but I am not plugging anything until they tell me to.

I was NOT looking for a discount, I was just trying to upgrade my plan. THEY MADE THE OFFER, now they have to honor it. They're responsible for making a procedure that should be available quickly on their website (just a speed change) into a nightmare with inconsistent information.

Sorry for writing in English, I don’t speak Dutch yet.

De oplossing

I want Ziggo to give me the new contract according to their offer: 1000 Mbps for € 77,50 / month with the FIRST FOUR MONTHS FREE (without wi-fi extender) on a 12 month contract, OR the first three months free plus the wi-fi extender they never sent to me, also on a 12 month contract. I am good either way.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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