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My name is Maria Jose Cacciamani BSN 553122290, (Passport number: YA0278611) I was living in Holland but the last week my mother had head infarct (ACV)so I must to come back to my country.
Now I am living in Argentina, in my old address.
My problem is one person in my name contract health insurance without my authorization. Upon arrival, Zilveren Kruis notify me that I must to pay 575.77 euros corresponding to a health insurance. I never registered or used their services and also I never called to ask for health insurance because I have one from my country. One person in my name called to take this. It is not legal and I would like to know how is possible that one company can do that with me. They don't have any proof and also I don't sign any contract with this company.
Last week, I contacted with the company that provided the service and they stopped these insurance but now they ask for the money 575.77 euros .
I need help and a solution because is not legal that one person used my personal identification and make me problems with the Law.
I hope you can give me a solution to solve this problem.

M.J. Cacciamani

De oplossing

the non-claim of invoices for a service not hired by me

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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