Klacht Zoofy: Zoofy Irresponsible and Random fees

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De klacht

My name is Gary, I am not a local. I work and live in Netherland now. I love Netherland and found Dutch person is very nice, but I am disappointed this time. A few days ago, I found leaking in the walls of my home. Then I called Zoofy for help, Zoofy sent a plumber Mr. B to my house. As the appointment, Mr. B came to my home at 8 am on 4th April, he checked the leaking and told me the problem is there has holes in the waterproof glue in the shower room, and he also told me there would be 4 hours of work. I agreed. In my opinion, we already have the deal on operating hours. So I did not urge him to work fast, I just left him in the bathroom and gave him 3 times coffee. During that time, he left twice. The first time is 25 minutes, he brought a vacuum cleaner, he tried several times , but the machine didn't work, so he used my own vacuum cleaner at last. The second time is 43 minutes, I don't know why he left, he didn't even tell me that he had left, cause in that time I left also around 1 hour. That was my family told me. I think we have the deal so I didn't say anything about that. He finished at 1:30 pm, he told me the time is longer, and I will get the bill for 5 and half hour. That was the story, what he did was taking out the old waterproof glue and put in new one, I will show everybody with the picture in attachment. I don't know normally how long does it take to complete this job? I think we had a deal, even it was just a oral agreement, we should all abide by the agreement. Zoofy charged me 5 and half hour €392.95, i think it is not fair, it is not the deal and Mr. B left more than 1 hour in his operating hours. I called Zoofy on 5th April afternoon, the operator said it was normal, he didn't understand me, I was disappointed. My Dutch is poor, I don't know who can help me, I can only come here to complain, thank you for your attention.

De oplossing

Pay according to agreement, 4 hours €280.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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